Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit  ✨  Sailor Moon

"In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"

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blackboard is the worst invention of all time because there’s literally no way to escape your homework. sick with the flu? homework’s on blackboard. snow day? homework’s on blackboard. house burned down? use your fucking phone because the fucking homework’s on blackboard

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”omg this guy is so cute i wanna see him on his knees sucking a dick” a book written by me 

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Congratulations, Benedict Cumberbatch!!! Emmy winning actor for Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock - His Last Vow!

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You said it yourself, bitch, we’re the guardians of the galaxy.

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I was just watching ABC News and they were talking about “Binge” watching TV Shows on Netflix and they explained

"Binge watching is defined as watching at least 3 episodes in one day."

Awww, how cute

I’ve finished entire seasons in a day…

*tumblr collectively laughs*

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The Walking Dead meme: [10/20] characters


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do you ever look at a ship and think this is it, this is the one, this is the motherducking ship that’s ruined me for good and I will never ever be okay again


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